How To Show Your Waist With Linen Dress


There’s no doubt that the waist line is one of the most symbolic parts of women. A slender waist can show women’s beauty of femininity and charm. Not only can it display the femininity, but also it can improve the figure proportion. A woman with slender waist must have a perfect proportion. The problem is that not all women have perfect figures. On the contrary, most of them are suffering from the love handles. How to camouflage the tummy becomes one of the most important jobs for them. So what really makes you waist slenderer? The A-line design could be a better choice. There’s perhaps no silhouette as universally flattering as an A-line design. Typically, the A-line design allows the skirt part to flare out, highlighting the beauty of slender waist. Need more convincing? Here are some A-line design will definitely make you say yes.
linen dress

The linen A-line dress will absolutely help you create a perfect figure. Generally, the A-line dress is fitted at the top while flares out at the waist. The fitted bodice allows the wearer to show off their perfect upper figures, highlighting the boney beauty. Meanwhile, the fitted bodice also defines the waist perfectly, polishing slenderer waist line. Therefore, your waist will be displayed perfectly and your figure imperfections will be improved with the A-line design. Does the fitted bodice will make you stiffing? The answer is definitely no. Made of linen fabric, the ladies linen dresses
is very comfortable to wear. Aiming to hide the love handles, the A-line design is featuring in its flower-shape bottom. The dress flares out from the waist, creating a flower shape to hide the buxom lower body.
linen skirt

Apart from the A-line dress, the A-line skirt is also flattering to women who want to have a slender waist. It is a perfect black linen skirt. It hits high on the narrowest part of waist, skims over the hips and booty without pulling and miraculously landed at the perfect length of ankle. Moreover, flaring out at the waist, the A-line skirt can hide your little tummy. The slender waist will help you create curvy figure. Your waist will be defined nicely, your legs elongated and the length of skirt actually work in my favor. Last but not least, considered as the natural air conditioner, the linen fabric will not only be very comfortable to slip on, but also it will keep you cool and fresh all day long.

The Skirt is Fashion for Summer

What is fashion? Fashion appears in the magazines, newspaper, blogs or other things frequently. Almost all people talk about the fashion even for the kid. Women spare no effort to pursue the fashion. Some people think that fashion is the ironic thing in the month, year and even period. Yes, that’s right. However, as far as I am concerned, fashion is a circle. There are fashion trends reports in each year. When we open our moms and grandmas wardrobes, we are surprised to find that their clothes are still popular. There’s a saying goes, if you have no idea about fashion, just open your mom’s wardrobes. Clothes like floral print, pleated skirts, oversized shirts, and wide leg pant are warmly chased by chic women. 
Regarded as one of the most classical clothes in the fashion world, the midi skirts are preferred and selected by more and more women. Looking back on its history, the midi skirt can be traced back to 1940s. The new look” collection of Christian Dior in 1947, which was based on the midi skirt, made Paris the fashion capital again after World War I again. The midi skirts are considered as the symbol of 1940s. Thus, the midi skirts are often seen in the movies whose scenes are in the reference of 1940s. Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday impressed audience with her beautiful blue midi skirt. The blue midi skirts added her beauty of elegance and feminity. Unfortunately, with the popularity of miniskirts, the midi skirts were ignored by women in late 1960s. The midi skirt has swept the whole fashion world again in the recent years and become one of the most flattering clothes among women’s wardrobes. 
The midi skirt has been waxed and waned over the years. Nowadays, the midi skirt has been improved by designers. It is no longer the one it used to be. Not only will the midi skirt feature in its big hemline, but also it is featuring in the new designs. In order to make the skirts more versatile and attractive, popular elements including pleats, lace, print and tassel are used in the midi skirts. The midi skirt hits this summer, too. There’s no doubt that the linen fabric is one of the most prevalent fabrics in the hot days. The linen midi skirt will definitely give the cooler and fresher summer. Later, we would have a close look on the linen midi skirts and their perfect matches. 
linen skirt

White, Black, And Grey Linen Top


The white, black and grey colors are considered as the three treasures in the fashion world. These three colors will never be out date. They are also regarded as the ironic colors of Normcore. Although they are plain, low-key and inconspicuous, people often have no resistance to their temptation for their profoundness. They can make the simple design come with high texture. Create the Normcore summer with the white, black and grey colors. The white, grey and black color is perfect match to each other. The simple white and black color design is always chic and versatile. The plain and simple color can create a casual, natural and unique style.

The white color, which is one of the most basic colors in the fashion world, is plain and pure. It can do a good job with different kinds of color and it is a necessary color in women’s wardrobes. The white linen tops, blouse, linen shirt, linen trousers, shorts… are warmly chased by women. Comparatively speaking, the white linen color is suitable in summer. It can refresh us in the hot days. Thus, the white linen tops is the most flattering clothes in the fashion world. The white linen top absolutely gives the wearer a fresh and cool summer. The light fabric and color can lower the wearer’s body surface temperature effectively.

The black color is also one of the most flattering colors in the fashion world. According to a research made in the Britain, over 90% women think highly of the black color. They believe that the black color can help them improve the figure weakness. Yes, it did. They black color can camouflage some figure imperfections. The black color will add women’s beauty of mystery, elegance and femininity. However, some one thinks that the black color will make them hotter and more stiffing in the sweat days. Thus, they may either suffer from the heat or give up the black linen tops. Now the black linen clothes can help to solve out this problem. The linen fabric will keep the wearers cool and fresh all day long.

The grey color, which is a combination of white and black, is often associated with elegance, honest, calmness and depression. It is often impressed us with its negative aspect. The grey clothing is often worn in the winter. Distinguished from the black and white color, the grey color tends to show the negative attitudes. In order to make the grey linen tops more energetic, the grey matches with blue and purple color are vibrant and vivid.

A Linen Cloth Always Keeps You Cool And Fresh


There’s nothing better than wearing the linen clothes in the leaking days. A linen cloth always keeps you cool and fresh all around the year, especially the summer days. The linen clothes are preferred and selected by more and more women for its excellent capacity of absorbency. You will never want to miss the linen clothes as soon as you slip them on. We have been talked about the linen tops for many times. They are perfect matches with the pants, skirts or the shorts. Now we continue to introduce the lovely and sweet linen tops for you to refresh your summer wardrobe.

linen tops for ladies


Blouse: Loose-Fitting 3/4 Lantern Sleeve Stand Collar Blouses

This blouse is the new arrival for this summer. Made of linen fabric, the blouse definitely keeps you cool and fresh all day long. Besides, the linen fabric enables women’s skin to breathe freely. The loose fitting design allows air to go through and make you comfortable in the melting days. It fits for all women figures, camouflaging the figure weakness. The 3/4 lantern sleeve design allows the flabby arms to go through. The 3/4 length design enables women to show off their wrist, hiding the flabby upper arms. Moreover, the 3/4 length design which improves the arm proportion can elongate the arm line.

Aiming to slip on or take off more convenient, an arrow of buttons is embellished in front of the blouse. Last but not least, the Pink Yarrow color, which is considered as one of the Pantone’s top 10 colors for Spring 2017, is full of energy. It is a combination of purple and pink, emphasizing women’s beauty of elegance, sweetness and romance. .When slip on the blouse, it is suggested that keep the top two buttons unbuttoned to create a casual and fabulous look.
linen blouse


Tee: Loose-Fitting 3/4 Sleeve Linen Square Neckline T-shirt

A linen tops will never be out of date. With one of the most popular elements in the fashion world, the linen blouses for women with flared sleeve must also be warmly chased by women. The flared sleeve, which comes down to the middle part of the lower arms, will make you arms get free from the other tight sleeve. Not only will the flared sleeve design camouflage the arms, but also it will add women’s beauty of sweetness and loveliness.

Furthermore, embellished with wrinkles on the sleeve, the sleeve is lively and dynamic. Although it is loose-fit design, the square collar will highlight your boney beauty. Your delicate collarbone, your silken and animate skin and your swan neck will be displayed perfectly with the square collar design. Icing on the cake, the airy blue color, is refreshing and cool in the summer.

Highlight Women’S Beauty Of Softness With Pink


There’s no doubt that the little black dress and white dress must be the must-have items among women’s wardrobes. What about the pink one? The pink color is the ironic color for romance of girl. When mentioning the pink color, people would firstly think about the ironic color for young women to play cute. The pink color, in fact, is also suitable for women. It is warmly chased by women all over the world. Not only is the pink color a color for women to play cute, but also it is a color to highlight women’s beauty of softness and elegance. It can create cocktail party, casual and vacation look.

pink dress

1.Cocktail Party Elegant pink linen dress
How to prepare for your cocktail party? Get rid of the vulgar dressing and choose the knee-length pink linen dress. A knee-length pink dress is quite suitable for cocktail party dressing. The knee-length design, which comes down to you knee, is considered as the most elegant length for women to slip on. It enables women to show off their slender calves, highlighting women’s beauty of elegance and femininity. Shift dress design, which comes with same size from bust to waist, hips to the bottoms, looks like a straight cylinder. Except for the A-line linendress, the linen shift dress is also warmly chased by chic women. It will not only make us jaunty and youthful, but also help us build the curvy figures. Moreover, the two layer neckline and the hem create a feeling of layering and lagenlook. Last but not least, the pink color adds women’s beauty of femininity and elegance, making women more charming.
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2.Casual pink dress
A sweet pink linen dress with lotus leaf neckline creates a casual look. The light pink color falls between white and pink color. Thus, on one hand, the linen dress is pure, neat and refreshing. On the other hand, the pink short sleeve linen dress also highlights women’s beauty of sweetness and softness. Besides, the A-line design highlights women’s curvy figures. The bodice is fitted at your upper body, describing your beauty of curvy upper figure. Meanwhile, the flare-out skirt will hide your buxom lower body. It will skim over your hips and booty without pulling, elongate your leg line and camouflage the stout thighs. The tucks embellished in the linen dress can camouflage your tummy properly. What really makes the linen dress sweeter is the lotus leaf neckline. It is full of sweetness and femininity.
Linen A-Line Dress

Pencil Highlights Women’S Beauty Of Femininity

Regarded as one of the most figure flattering linen skirts, pencil linen skirt is a fitting skirt with a straight and narrow cut and it is tailored for a close fit. Typically, the pencil skirt counts down to the knee or below. It highlights women’s beauty of femininity and curvy figure. However, not all women are suitable for the pencil linen skirt. The pencil skirt places great emphasis on the proportion among your waist, hips and booty. For women who have fine body shape, the linen skirt will emphasize their curvy figure and femininity; for women who are not confident on their figures, the linen skirt will put them into the shade. What’s worse, the pencil linen skirt has effect on women’s movement. We may need to walk in short strides; legs need to be close together when we are sitting; when entering or leaving the car, we should be more carefully. Otherwise, they may lead to tumble or wardrobe malfunctions, putting us into the embarrassing situation. Thus, when we want to buy a pencil linen skirt, it would better pay more attention to the details.

linen skirt

The pencil linen skirts have a long history in the western fashion world. It can be traced back to the year of 1910. The famous French designer Paul Plirot designed a linen skirt previously called hobble linen skirts. Hobble linen skirts were full-length skirts which had narrow hem. Women who slipped it on could only take 3 inches steps each time. It terribly impeded women’s walking. However, the linen skirts were warmly chased by women at that time for their simple but chic style. Later in 1947, Christian Dior launched the classical pencil linen skirts. The H shape linen skirt disguised women’s lower body pretty well and they became popular in women’s office dressing. Nowadays, the pencil linen skirts are nevertheless preferred and selected by women. It is a symbol of femininity.

linen skirt

Do these mean women who don’t have hourglass figures can only say good bye to the pencil linen skirts? The answer is absolutely no. The Original Design Women Linen Wavy Tuck Pencil Skirts help you solve out these problems. When we have a try on the pencil linen skirt, the biggest problem is our little tummy. Aiming to work it out, the linen skirt is embellished with handmade wavy tucks. Not only will the tucks camouflage the tummy perfectly but also they will create Lagenlook. It is so layering that the linen skirt is full of sense of movement. Your imperfections on the waist, hips, booty and legs will be also improved with these handmade tucks. A tee and a pair of shoes will be the perfect finishing touch to this piece.
Original Design Women Linen Wavy Tuck Pencil Skirts

Retro And Chic Sleeve


The romantic lantern sleeve has hit the runways and fashion world in the recent years. Fashion bloggers, street stars and other fashion icons got fascinated with it. Thus, lantern sleeve appears frequently in the street snaps, fashion shows and magazine. It is widely accepted by women all over the world. So what is the lantern sleeve? According to the dictionary, lantern sleeve, which flares from the tops towards the elbow and tapers towards the wrist, is a full, gathered sleeve attached to a drop-shoulder. It could be either a long or short sleeve look. For a long one, the sleeve is full in the middle of the arms while the top and wrist fitting. What really makes women crazy about this design? As far as I am concerned, the most important reason is that it can camouflage women’s flabby arms perfectly.
plus size linen tops

Look back on the history, the lantern sleeve can be traced back to the Byzantium Empire in 6th century. And it became popular in the Renaissance. With the arrival of Renaissance, people got free form the cruel religious restriction and place great emphasis on their dressing. Thus, the feminine lantern sleeve was widely used in women’s clothes. By the time of 18 century, lantern sleeve updated and was warmly chased by French aristocrat. And the sleeve became more romantic and classic. Later in1960s, it swept the whole Unite States. Women in new era improved the sleeve and applied it to the womens linen shirts and dress from convenient movement. With the sleeve’s continuously improvement, nowadays, the lantern sleeves are popular among women again. It’s seen on clothes from jackets to dresses.
short sleeve linen dress

A loose fitting dress with lantern sleeve design must be prevalent among fashion women. The long summer is always along with the hot and sweaty days. We cannot change the weather but we can change our dressing to keep us better. You may as well choose a loose fitting dress in such hot days. The loose fitting design enables all women to have a try on it even though they have buxom figures. Moreover, the loose-fitting dress will skim over your figure without pulling, making you cool and comfortable in the hot days. Icing on the cake, the linen fabric will keeps you fresh and cool from the heat. The lantern half sleeve adds women’s beauty of femininity and sweetness. The sleeve, which flares from the top and fitted at the elbow, is great for camouflaging the flabby upper arms. Not only will it do best on narrow shoulder, but also it can make our upper body slenderer. Full busts are emphasized by this romantic sleeve.
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