New Arrived Clothes for Your Wardrobe

The season is gonna to change soon, have you tidied up your wardrobe? Did you clean out your old clothes? Have you prepare your summer wear?? I think you might be confusing what to wear in the late spring or in the summer? I have to tell you that you know summer is the stage for linen. If you have followed us, you definitely know what advantages linen clothes own. Glad to tell you there are some new arrivals on our linen shop Let’s update your wardrobe with these new clothes.
Linen woman shorts
Shorts are one of the staples in summer days. Wearing a light-colored linen shirt will look stunning as usual while putting on a linen shorts keeps you classy and casual.

linen pants 


Linen Tops
Those new tops employ the conservative round collar, but make some changes on the sleeve such as the dolman sleeves. For myself, i am not very into the dolamn sleeve, cause it’s so wide and when you wash your clothes it’s easy to get wet too.However, it can not be denied that such sleeves will surely cool you down in the summer for it’s a loose style. What’s more, the lotus leaf sleeve pleat tee is very adorable, paring with a white half-length shorts certainly refresh you.

linen tops 

Linen Dress
As our hot-sale products, linen dress must in the new arrival list. This time, we offer more linen tunic dress since tunic dress is such a versatile item. It could wear it singly, knotting a belt to raise the waist line. Or wear it inside, putting on a cardigan. It is undoubtedly the ultimate interpretation of leisure. Why not store one in your wardrobe?

linen tank dress

More new arrivals are on sale on If you have any interest on linen, please do not hesitate to know more. By the way, customized service is also available, any question please contact us.

More Beautiful About Color

There is no denying that many people including me are crazy about colorful items. It looks really warm and pleasant when more than 5 colors are mixed together. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that more colorful it is, the more beautiful it is. There is a color scheme in fashion which should be employed for your dressing. I want to share 3 tips and hope will be helpful.
First of all, it looks really harmonious when there is a large area of color and a small area of color on your body being the same or just similar. Therefore, beginners can try putting on no more than 2 items in the same color, such as wearing a black coat and knotting a black belt inside; wearing a bright red with a red high-heels;using a white necklace to echo your handbags.
Take linen maxi dresses for example, if you are wearing a khaki linen dress, go for a similar-colored straw hat totally a casual vacation style.

<ploose linen

Secondly, don’t put 2 bright colors or 2 dark colors together. Like if you choose a bright red linen dress, it’s no need to bring a red wallets or red shoes, it is just like a huge red lantern which looks too shine. In a similar way, it’s inadvisable to dress 2 dark blue items, which renders you look so down. That’s why we should according to the color scheme to balance out the color on your body. The best combination is warm color plus cold color, dark color plus light one, showy one plus simple one.
Again taking our linen blouses for women as example, if you put on a light blue linen tops, navy ladies linen trousers can be plus. Besides, go for a lighter blue linen tops with a white wide-leg linen pants.

linen top

Finally, try not to put all the complicated patterns or design together. For instances, if you have a skirt with lace and embroidery, just avoid wearing a top with multifarious patterns and replaced by a plain simple shirt.




Wearing A Shirt With Wide Leg Pants In The Spring

It’s generally know that shirts and wide-leg pants are both fashionable item in spring. However, out of surprise, combine them together are making some fashion sparkles: render you not only simple but also elegant; not only handsome, but also sweet; not only clever but also romantic. A variety of style can be changed at random. And the very point is that this combination will help you look taller and slimmer. I am not saying that being tall and thin is the only gold standard of beauty, but that would help you build some confidence on certain occasions, why not have a try? Let’s go!
Shirt plus wide-leg pants are suitable for a number of different formal and informal occasion.And because of that, they are greatly affected by many Hollywood celebrities.


Even in early 1930s, famous Hollywood actress Vivien Leigh were wearing wide-leg pants.

How to choose shirts?
Due to wide-leg pants are a loose style, the linen tops shouldn’t be loose too. Following a rule that tights on the upper body while looses on the lower body so as to create a effect on being slim. This short cut linen shirt will be a nice choice. The key to this look is neat and refreshing.


How to choose wide-leg pants?
No matter how long the pants you choose, they should be high-waist. Developing the waist line in order to lengthen your legs from vision. It’s popular to attach a bright bow with long ribbons to your waist so that strips of color cascade down the pants. On the other hand, it’s inadvisable to employ the linen trousers with over wide legs. Otherwise it looks bloated.

Casual Loose fit Linen Women Long Wide Leg Trouser:

How to choose footwear?
If you want to be taller, high heels are of course the first choice. What’s more, single-colored high heels matches with white shirt and wide-leg pants is perfect.

If you don’t get used to wear a pair of high-heel, canvas shoes will be OK, especially the white ones.

In summary, wide-leg pants is a kind of evergreen item in fashion mixing a ordinary shirt can be a cool person. As is spring now, just pick one for your new image. Welcome to visit:


Some Changes In Fashion Women A Day

We are still in time to celebrate women around the world (Month of the Woman) and let me say this: it is true that women, with their persuasion, can not only run the world, but can also decorate their fashion styles.
I say this after witnessing some changes in fashion women a day.
Forgive me, gentlemen, it's only two weeks left before jumping in your closet too, but for now the focus is on women.
Those aimed please use this platform as a guide as the world is your runway, we are watching you.
Last week I had a focus on trousers or pants, if you decide to be formal - I mean women's trousers.
However, for a stunning look pants you need two things - a blouse and a pair of shoes?
A woman should have two attributes; classy and fabulous.
I'm glad I'm not a designer, like I could spend ages deciding about the blouse for the right pants.
My job entails me to be a fashion guide, not a designer and stylist for the record I am entitled to my opinion.
Just like one of my favorite fashion guru Christian Dior said: "All I know, see or hear, every part of my life is transformed in clothes. They're my daydreams, but have passed from the world of dreams in the world of everyday items to wear. "
Now back to the work of shirts and shoes.
It 'a fact that all women should have a little' white shirt in their wardrobe only men on the white shirt.
Trends come and go, but the versatility of white button-down classic is perpetual.
Sometimes the most beautiful clothes are the simplest.
The white blouse or shirt is a classic element that will never go out of style. It is a must-have for every woman
It has the advantages of a clean slate and can be dressed up or dressed down.
It can be knotted or hidden in our favorite pair of jeans or style with a pair of relaxed sneakers.
Some prefer to pair it with a voluminous skirt.
Well, I mean when I say, white blouse, I mean the basic one: long sleeves, collar and buttons to adjust.
Cotton, silk or linen, white blouse fits every occasion, in every season and-body shape.
However, depending on how you wear the same blouse can give a very different charm.
Remember the golden rule: the neck should never be less than 4 cm below the collarbone.
According to style guru Tatenda Manemo Borrowdale, here are some of the advantages of a beautiful white blouse
It gives you a clean, fresh look.
It combines with every other color you have.
It is a perfect backdrop for your fabulous accessories, like jewelry and scarves.
And 'perfect to wear with all printed pants are in fashion now and then.
There are some disadvantages as well
You can make you look a bit 'faded (accessories Adding can help with this)
They get dirty very quickly
I hope every woman now knows the tradition, it's all white.
On the shoes, most of the guys do not even groped to understand the profound relationship between the woman and her shoes.
But if you are looking for insights about his personality, if she is extroverted or introverted, fire or laid-back-her feet are exactly where you want to be watching.

linen blouse
womens linen pants

Science has your back: A recent fashion and style study found that people are able to accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger's personality, including their emotional stability, by simply looking at their most worn pair of shoes.
For example, people 'nice' tended to wear 'practical shoes, functional ", while the personalities' aggressive' had an affinity for boots.
According to some authors, shoes can do-and-carry individual difference information, because there is so much variety.
"The way a woman dresses telegraphs many messages on her," says relationship expert April Masini, author of "Data out of your reach."
"It 's wise to check for clues shoes on who he is, and how she behaves."
So let your eyes make a beeline for his kicks.
Here are three things that can be said of a woman by her shoes.

1: His confidence level
The style of his shoes can tell if she will be safe-verging-on-arrogant, or a little 'more down to earth.
"The women in revealing, high-heeled sandals are more likely to be confident than women in closed-toe heels," said Masini.
So this means wedges and low heels, broad-no-apartments may indicate insecurity.
Women wearing wedges want to look taller without the discomfort of high heels.
They can be a bit 'more middle-of-the-road and wider and shorter heels on a woman's shoe, the more insecure it could be.

2: Your personality type
Not surprisingly, sporting colorful shoes women tend to be more playful, the biggest risk takers, and more talkative, according to Lieberman.
But if she is wearing hot pink sandals or pumps neon yellow color, you may be looking for a woman who is just a little 'high maintenance.
This means that she will be more challenging, and can also expect to be put on a pedestal.
dancers means that it is a woman who puts comfort over style - literally a down to earth woman.
According to Lieberman, women wearing flip-flops, if you are not at the picnic or simply go shopping or even window shopping, it means that is too relaxed.
In addition, women in sneakers may not be as low maintenance and relaxed as you would expect.
A woman in sneakers is moving, it means that you can always be ready to run or do yoga, or just wearing them for the walk to work, but she's ready for action.

3: Your personal branding
Make shoes appear to cost $ 80 or $ 800?
If she wears designer pumps and usually you can tell this by seeing if they stand out from the rest of the outfit, she says celebrity stylist Christa Scherck-You are looking at a woman who invests in herself and values ​​of personal style and comfort.
If she's wearing an expensive pair of work shoes-closed-toe pumps-conservatives who probably enhances his work a lot.
But if you had a pair of expensive riding boots, she's the kind of person who likes to splurge on luxuries.
So, just know that these shoes are not only meant for walking, but define the person.

Loose-Fitting Linen Pants For Women

Linen is the fashion trend now as it has always been. Linen pant is a must-have wardrobe item in every woman's wardrobe. What makes the linen pant last is that it is very comfy and can be worn by any woman of any ages.
This lightweight woven cloth will make your look casual, yet elegant and sophisticated. It always gives a "fresh, free and relaxed" feel to your whole look, which makes it so charming.
Prepare a pair of womens linen pants in your summer wardrobe, and you'll be sure to find countless ways to style this staple piece! Whether worn with stripes, neutrals, or colorful prints, it provides a light and bright element to your look that just screams summer, and will keep you cool as the weather warms up! Look at those loose-fitting linen cropped trousers.

Solid linen wide leg pants without any embellishments
It is known that solid pant is the most versatile, it can effortlessly go with linen skirts and tops, linen shirts for women or even a bohemian tank. With regard to color, most fans of linen prefer to light tones rather than dark tones. Pink and yellow color are particularly recommended as its soft visual effect, which is easily to build a fresh image.

linen Pants
linen pants

Lagenlook layered linen pants
Lagenlook design can be a decent draping skill for those who tend to disguise imperfections and creates the very own unique style of dressing. Flowing layered linen pants give wearers the sense of hierarchicy but not dragging feeling.
Stylish Vintage Two Layer Linen Long Women Skirt Pants
linen pants
linen pants

Linen striped pants
Striped linen pants are designed for stripe addicts and those who are not so fond of solid pants. The combination of two colors seems fuller but not fancy.
linen pants

Baggy linen pants
The most appealing quality of loose linen pants is wide application. For plump people, baggy linen pant is an incomparable fashionable staple.
linen pants
linen pants

Lakme's Summer Fashion Week

INIFD introduced five Next Gen designers with their ULTRA futuristic collections on the first day at Lakme Fashion Week Summer / Village 2017

INIFD introduced Lot 23 new generation stars on the mainland the way it opened on the first day at Lakme Fashion Summer Week / Resort 2017 E 'was perfect style on the ramp when talented designers show their creations neo-futuristic mentors very Well by the fashion expert Chopra Sabina; For the public will appreciate that attended the show with greater emotion.

Pallavi SINGH - an INDO-JAPAN merger

Noida Pallavi Singh presented his ARCVSH label with a collection curiously named "Tokyo-Delhi". The obvious inspirations were Indian and Japanese, but it was the Japanese hand embroidery called Shashiko, very similar to the Kantha India and the hand print block that was the center of attraction of the creations. Indigo as base color, and a mixture of cotton and Chanderi, separate them were a feast for the eyes. Willpower plans adorned with long skirts, waistcoats, knee length skirts, and female created an impact on the ramp. The slit dress skirt above the trousers and white embroidered jacket and pants moved to the pure white area. The last flared long skirt embellished by a Navy bomber jacket was a large foyer.

linen dress


Appeared in several fashion magazines in India and New York, Nakita Singh, new fashion star Calcutta introduced her collection "Outline" inspired to delineate forms of Doodle and art. With nature as a theme, Nakita started with black / white creations and was embroidered in natural fabrics like linen and khadi to present a cool, comfortable summer look. Maxi shirts were highlighted with black contours on the blouse and cuffs, while the black / white jacket were striking big when they were joined, layered and fringed in white midi format. Capris baggy with vest and coat, short jacket with long sleeves Capris / robes and maxi with a long roof were super ve. The final sari and the creative cover linen blouse put an end to the fusion range.


Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla are sure that their label "Poochki" not only focused on the textiles and craftsmen of India, but also project their imaginative impressions with the size of wildlife and block print. The duo of designers of Delhi projects conservation of the animals by means, that sometimes was inspired in the East. Transparent and opaque fabrics in pastel shades of light gray, blue and white have been transformed into relaxed lace trousers, trim the top with vaporous sleeves and layered printed dresses enough steep summer print. Flared dress in printed layers of long sleeves, shorts, t-shirts and full coverage, an interesting overcoat dress and excellent maxi skirt with a ruffled jacket were ideal summer options.

linen dress


Award winner, Soumodeep Dutta was the protagonist of the student NIFT Calcutta and called his collection "bond of union", which had a spiritual flavor that aims to understand the foundations of supreme power. Featuring an innovative line of garments inspired by sari curtains, Soumodeep ensured that there was continuity in the sensibility incredible design. Here, the designer has allowed the user complete freedom and lively creativity to change the shape and form according to his desire.Large shorts were filled with Tunics and diskette tend to Sari-inspired worked well in striped robes The striped bat sleeveless dress was inspired by the sari while the draped hem rolled over her shoulders for a midi and covered Sari-cum- A plus size linen tops that was in tune with the theme.

Nicole Wear Underwear Made Of Transparent Linen Dress

It is used to command the attention of those around her with her striking good looks and murderess body.
And the model Nicole Trunfio did it again on Friday as he went out to Los Angeles in a suit pure linen half-length, which revealed her black underwear.
The 29-year-old showed off her pert posterior through the delicate fabric as it left the famous nightclub in West Hollywood Nice Guy.

womens linen dress

Sheer and sexy Nicole Trunfio showed his murderess body in a sheer black dress that revealed her underwear as she left a popular nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday
Nicole enviable figure was clearly visible under the black fabric of sheer linen dress loose over her curves with a fringed hem.
She showed off her amazing features with a strong highlight cheeks and added a patch of oil winged eyeliner to her look.
The Perth-born beauty pulled the top of his dyed locks honey in a bun and let the rest fall loose around his back.

linen dress
Mother Model: The 29-year-old enviable figure was clearly visible under the black fabric of sheer linen maxi dress loose over her curves with a fringed hem
That mother-added to her look with a black Chanel bag gently on his shoulder and was wearing a necklace style thick choker.
Nicole glowed as he left the crowded nightclub and walked along the busy street to a waiting car.
Earlier this month he attended the 58th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles to support her musician boyfriend Gary Clarke Jr who performed during the ceremony.
linen dress
The couple announced their engagement in November 2014 and welcomed their son Zion in January of the following year.
Celebrating the first birthday of their tot last month, Nicole loving mother wrote on social media: 'Happy birthday for the soul happier, smarter and more beautiful.
'I like to know more and more every day.
'I juices away with your charm. Thank God you were born, I am fortunate enough to be able to feed you and teach you to look to grow. And above all, to be your mother '.
linen dress