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Close your eyes. You are in a huge yacht cruising the French Riviera, sipping a glass of pink wine and enjoy the sun and freezing winds. Open your eyes. You see your boss, your boss's boss at the end and you should want to be a big deal to win over executives.
Since adland creativity Cannes Lions International Festival in the south of France held the balance of participants will sharpen their skills in the art - wine consumption and professionalism, work and play. The same applies to the wardrobe. Advertising Age again trying to ease the pain of the package, because most of the Cannes audience overflew the range of marine and daydreaming about all the French cuisine, they will be forced to eat and they will be forced to embark on a yacht. Because ... business.
Here's how to do adland is Riviera chic in 2016.
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Business casual does not actually exist in the south of France, the former senior vice president of marketing and sales Di Solomon, chief marketing officer of media and marketing consulting MediaLink and stylish parent company Conde Nast said. "This is to give you permission to take some risks Ivory Coast, you can get away with things in the United States is not really play well," this year, her "risk" is a loaded, bright red dress.
However, this is more low-key and casual shoes a balancing act. "Some things I may not be in the business and leisure framework, I am pleased to be able to do is to make the United States meeting in Cannes wearing tennis shoes," she said. "You can get away with a piece of clothing, it looks really comfortable and casual, but still looks cool." She went white canvas Supergas is -TOS. During the day, a canvas bag to carry all Valextra.
In the evening, Ms. Solomon suggested an elegant fabrics like silk or satin, a pair of elegant flat sandals and a small, simple package with a belt glamming up. Ms. Solomon brought black and leopard sandals night. Fashion off shoulder blouse and dress are also suitable in Cannes. "A shoulder is like a knee," she said. Although she limited her packing, the Cannes Film Festival is one of the few times to check baggage for her.

"This is not a carry-on travel," Brian Terkelsen, global brand president of Publicis Groupe media agency MediaVest / Spark consent. "And for a man who will literally travel around the world - and has been kept in the past seven or eight years - this is what I do, I checked bag this is the only trip to the south of France, whether it is worthy of my respect. Where you are, you're always on. "
That bag, Briggs & Riley luggage that will accommodate his Peter Miller shoes (to be worn socks SANS), hair? onnable shirts and flax are many, including a new sports jacket and shorts.
However, not everyone will bring enough day and night, and then some. Adland is divided in to check luggage.

"Everything is imposed on a bag. Do not check it. France is notorious for misplacing luggage and a week later locate it," Ana Andjelic, senior vice president, director of global strategy, said Hawass LuxHub. Her method is simple. "There is trimmed in Cannes three rules: 1) absolutely no heels; 2) clothes will look good all day and night program; 3) hydrate did not look on the people who get too drunk installed good, too fast.".
She suggested that the MM6 Close shoulder top with shorts and a white baby doll dress MSGM. Or is it "will maintain any accumulated heat and Carlton Terrace close talker." Walks every day and night, she had a pair of silver sandals Isabel Marant wrap-around, she suggested that neutral yeah? I Dreyfuss bags for the evening with. "They are cool, avant-garde and neutral enough, you do not have to worry about whether what they wear rest with you," she said.

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Left trend, try what Connie Wang Refinery29 fashion features director, said "The new bohemian skirt."
"Even if you do not consider yourself boho sort, the latest version of the romantic, bohemian dress hippie little more refined," she said. "Looking for ready-made shoulder contour, with beautiful flowers, and oversized long-sleeved flounced skirts and flow." Ten selection this summer in the 1970s, complete with '70s-style prints and solid colors more professional atmosphere ,"she says. But you can not cross a line. "Beach in your closet leave these Ica and paisley patterns."
Other brings necessary, according to Wang, including suede slides, day-to-night tie with a block heel sandals, with a cool print and the "future retro cat's eye" sunglasses bags. "You're in Cannes: Get to the spirit of the old Hollywood of my favorite new sunglasses styles are modern cat," she said. "They've got a little 50's, by the way most modern -'90s family atmosphere, they feel very cool."

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"I believe that the unique business practices should go to Cannes, '" Renee Wilson, president of the Council public relations firm. "You never know when you will meet your next potential customer, Recruitment or future boss, so pay attention to the choice."
This year, she's the original packaging of several mobile beach dress, wedge heels, and three pairs of sunglasses. For the elegant awards ceremony, s


he said, "I've seen everything, with shorts from the tuxedo jacket with prom dress fabulous, chic dresses, there are some very occasional trimming and at the awards ceremony, but it's Cannes Film Festival in God's sake. I live a little. "
Evening casual chic attire during the day is replaced by a gorgeous and simple ponytail - choose hairstyles this year, according to the team lounge network in the industry group of girls. Founder Shelley Zalis Zimmerman and her team recommended "Picnic Dress" and "pool" and cocktail parties, daytime jumpsuit any event, and declare tone. Bright low mules, sandals and summer lace embellishment should walk apartments and yachts do the trick.
But also beyond the seaside chic coat. This year, Advertising Age asked the Cannes Film Festival in France adland audience several pharmacies, which may be difficult to navigate non-native sources, they hoard label. It's worth it. The pharmacies are well-known local and affordable skin care products often contain ingredients that tough to score in the United States