Accommodate Six Young Designers Fashion Show

Indonesia has a younger generation in the world. In response to this phenomenon, the Indonesian Fashion Chamber of Commerce (IFC) presented six young designers of the genius in 2017, six designers are not randomly selected Jakarta Fashion Week stage, through the design of several past six chapters throughout Indonesia's curatorial Process, not only has design creativity, but also security research and development, human resources, business management, marketing and distribution.

The theme is appropriate to the IFC's notion of contemporary local inspiration as well as the adaptation of Indonesia's trend forecast to 2,018/2018, observed below Monday (24 October 2016) Selected fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 six designers Okezone. ASTRI LESTARI Asian traditional culture, insisted in this modern era, from the Bandung chapter LFC inspired the spring and summer 2017 collection of designers as the theme knot, meaning "fetters". Shape and Japanese kimono traditional clothing silhouette, Korea Hanbok, as well as the collection of Chinese cheongsam collar decoration.



While local components are revealed through the exploration of wax dye. The identity of the designer The ethnic elements of Indonesia are preserved, but will show a seemingly odd side with modernity. Explore a variety of materials, from encim batik, braided, tulle, cicada wing yarn and flax to a bold color contrasting color combinations. Applying geometric quilts and batik quilts, playing the game's colors is appealing to this design. IFC chapter Semarang's Devy Ross designer showcase the theme of the Romanian collection of South China University of Technology Luce Terinpirasi. Like creating a silhouette of the company in a style of cocktail dress skirt ladies eight draft form. The theme of the corresponding significance, the application of this collection rely on two classic colors, such as black and white.

The use of soft materials such as lace, tulle, embroidery and Italian Duchess satin classic colors enhances the impression of elegant and avant-garde hints. The game layer lace material enters a dramatic ornament. Elizabeth Nicholas filed the title Mind Game, a collection of waves that symbolized the brainwave layer. The color of the brain waves in the figure by the mixture of blue, green and red is also applied to the design, not to release the black touch is the color of the designer pillars. Net Jersey Material Knit Pattern Kawung Combines Baron Silhouette H and A. For active females and travel, the designer's return shows that he has become a trademark of functional design enthusiasts. As a reversible MIDI dress, it may turn into a miniature dress or skirt that can wear a vest-like overalls. This design is equipped with shoes made from the same material.