All Women Should Have Those Five Outfits In This Summer

Summer is here and in just a matter of weeks, we will all be leaving our work lockers in favor of our summer uniform. If you are planning on heading to the beach or spending your time with a relaxing 'staycation' at home (cocktails on anyone's deck?), You are probably hanging to ditch your heels and slip on your sandals this summer.

Any fashion girl will tell you that the best thing about summer is that the good looks do not take much, it simply requires having a few stylish staples that can take you from the beach to the bar. For your most elegant summer, however, invest in these staple pieces and greet your perfect summer capsule wardrobe.

1. The classic white shirt

By far one of the most versatile pieces of recent seasons, the classic white shirt is that friend who is always there when you need them. Perfect for tossing over your swimsuit on the beach, a white shirt will also look great worn open over a summer dress or stuck in denim jeans or shorts for a casual night look. Look for a good quality linen blouses, as these fabrics are super breathable and will help you stay cool.
Long Sleeve Blouses
2. A straw hat

Long days at the beach require serious sun protection and the good news is that staying safe in the sun does not have to be bland. This season is all about the straw hat and the perfect style will add an instant elegance element to any beachwear.
3. A swimsuit that works for you

By far one of the most difficult things about summer fashion has to be find the perfect swimsuit because seriously, who wants to undress and spend hours in assembly rooms trying to togs under fluorescent lighting? The good news is that this season offers a swimsuit style to suit even the fussiest fashion girls, with everything from one-piece suits to small sassy bikini bottom styles. Look for a swimsuit that flatters your body shape and that you feel comfortable in - after all, there is no point having a super in-trend swimwear if you ever want to wear it.

4. The perfect pair of sandals

In New Zealand we are all over the Jandalos, however, a good pair of sandals is an even better investment because you can dress for a night out. The slides are particularly hot this season and look good with everything from a bikini, shorts, jeans.
5. Your last summer dress

It just would not be summer without that little dress you can just throw. Whether it's over a bikini or dressed up for a night out, finding the perfect summer dress is the key to mastering that beach in the style of the bar.