New Clothing Collection 2017 Edition - famous Indonesian Muslim fashion designer Ria Miranda held a successful fashion show that launched a series of collections of designs for the latest trends of Muslim clothing in 2017. Excitement 'Ria Miranda Trend Show 2017' this year opened with a performance of the band Jazz Indonesia, maliq & D 'Essentials. On her show this time, the designer with the characteristic that always uses pastel colors showing 44 looks composed of five theme of the collection will be the trend in 2017.

"This time I'm launching a collection of five themes that will enliven the Indonesian Muslim clothing market in the year 2017. In addition, for the first time I launch a men's clothing brand," said Ria Miranda team when met in Jakarta.

Daily Essentials, Principia, Mind, Florette, as well as Mind, the themes present different looks. The five themes into the main concepts Relationship. The philosophy is defined as a relationship with fellow human beings and the nature around the so-called horizontal relationship. As well as a personal relationship with the creator of the vertical relationship.

"For the collection in 2017, I was more use pattern, cuttingan increasingly simple, using a material that is comfortable to wear, more simply, many using printing, color games remain pastel, most models blouse, as well as more models of buttons down the front with a goal if the mother are breastfeeding then it is easy to use Ria Miranda's wardrobe, "added Ria.

Fashion show which has been running for four years in a row was opened with a collection Spring / Summer 2017 Daily Essentials. Ready to wear clothing that is inspired daily streetwear style consists of a blouse, shirt, and the outer is made of comfortable cotton when used daily. The colors used for the clothes that you can wear everyday like the color lilac, dusty pink, olive green and blue light are combined with pattern Ria Miranda.
womens linen dresses
Then the second theme is a collection of Principia, to his collection this time, Ria inspired a book title of Sir Isaac Newton discusses the gravity ie, Philoshopiae and Naturalis Principia Mathematica. The message to be conveyed through the collection of these principia is that we as human beings pay more attention back current natural conditions and shows the relationship between humans and nature. Given that the Earth has a powerful magnet to tempt people to be able to master it.

Motif is used predominantly topographical pattern earth and iconic pattern with a new development inspired by the classic wood carving stairs. Lake Flores and East Nusa Tenggara was the inspiration of color in this collection. This collection combined with earth tone colors such as sky blue, ocean blue, maroon and soft brown combined with bright colors such as pink salmon, peach, and yellow mustard.
linen tank dress
The third collection Ria Miranda themed Mind. The launch of the new collection of clothing specifically for men. This collection is inspired by traditional Javanese clothes like beskap and surjan. However, stick with a more modern looks and in accordance with the trend. The colors used in this collection itself is a tone that would be the trend in 2017 for example, gray, navy blue and khakis. By cutting simple and clean looks, this collection uses materials - rigid materials such as linen and twill.

"Actually, the inspiration came from her husband, who always use the office wear stylish basic. Then I thought why do not I create a collection for men whereas the request of the customer has been a lot. Collection this time it depicts a husband who is a destitute young but want to remain stylish," said Ria ,


Dejavu into four collections to the fashion show. Dejavu with Minang Heritage motif that was first shown at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, Dejavu become a Ria commitment and consistency to continue exploration of the richness of traditional Indonesian fabrics, particularly from West Sumatra. Dejavu choosing colors for the collection are very different and fresh with the incorporation of some new colors. It also creates the feel and image of its own for those who wear them. Merke will look more elegant and understated.

The dominance of earth tone colors such as olive green, soft brown, gray, silver blue, magenta purple, redwood combined with bright colors such as pink, mustard yellow, salmon and pistachio green coral make a collection Ria more impressive this time. But the hand lines that form a grid - a small box but made similar to the shape of songket motifs full of improvisation to make it look modern, it looks not so perfect and tidiness laying down motive is not maximized. Apparently, it was intentional to provide information that it's okay to be not perfect, just enjoy and wear it. Clothing collection was first launched directly in Padang was also dominated by the silhouette straight as clothes brackets are made more modern and simple figures illustrate the real Indonesian women, so it can be worn by all women.

The next fashion show closed with the fifth collection, Florette. Especially for this collection Ria collaborate with a young illustrator, Cempaka Surakusumah. Florette dkatakan words taken from French which means flower. Floral motifs in the collection Ria Miranda as a symbol of a prayer for someone who is no longer with us. Describing symbol vertical relationship. Well, for you who want to look elegant, cool and understated, do not forget to dress collection Ria Miranda. I hope this information is helpful.