Wearing A Shirt With Wide Leg Pants In The Spring

It’s generally know that shirts and wide-leg pants are both fashionable item in spring. However, out of surprise, combine them together are making some fashion sparkles: render you not only simple but also elegant; not only handsome, but also sweet; not only clever but also romantic. A variety of style can be changed at random. And the very point is that this combination will help you look taller and slimmer. I am not saying that being tall and thin is the only gold standard of beauty, but that would help you build some confidence on certain occasions, why not have a try? Let’s go!
Shirt plus wide-leg pants are suitable for a number of different formal and informal occasion.And because of that, they are greatly affected by many Hollywood celebrities.


Even in early 1930s, famous Hollywood actress Vivien Leigh were wearing wide-leg pants.

How to choose shirts?
Due to wide-leg pants are a loose style, the linen tops shouldn’t be loose too. Following a rule that tights on the upper body while looses on the lower body so as to create a effect on being slim. This short cut linen shirt will be a nice choice. The key to this look is neat and refreshing.


How to choose wide-leg pants?
No matter how long the pants you choose, they should be high-waist. Developing the waist line in order to lengthen your legs from vision. It’s popular to attach a bright bow with long ribbons to your waist so that strips of color cascade down the pants. On the other hand, it’s inadvisable to employ the linen trousers with over wide legs. Otherwise it looks bloated.

Casual Loose fit Linen Women Long Wide Leg Trouser:

How to choose footwear?
If you want to be taller, high heels are of course the first choice. What’s more, single-colored high heels matches with white shirt and wide-leg pants is perfect.

If you don’t get used to wear a pair of high-heel, canvas shoes will be OK, especially the white ones.

In summary, wide-leg pants is a kind of evergreen item in fashion mixing a ordinary shirt can be a cool person. As is spring now, just pick one for your new image. Welcome to visit: http://www.linendressesonline.com/