More Beautiful About Color

There is no denying that many people including me are crazy about colorful items. It looks really warm and pleasant when more than 5 colors are mixed together. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that more colorful it is, the more beautiful it is. There is a color scheme in fashion which should be employed for your dressing. I want to share 3 tips and hope will be helpful.
First of all, it looks really harmonious when there is a large area of color and a small area of color on your body being the same or just similar. Therefore, beginners can try putting on no more than 2 items in the same color, such as wearing a black coat and knotting a black belt inside; wearing a bright red with a red high-heels;using a white necklace to echo your handbags.
Take linen maxi dresses for example, if you are wearing a khaki linen dress, go for a similar-colored straw hat totally a casual vacation style.

<ploose linen

Secondly, don’t put 2 bright colors or 2 dark colors together. Like if you choose a bright red linen dress, it’s no need to bring a red wallets or red shoes, it is just like a huge red lantern which looks too shine. In a similar way, it’s inadvisable to dress 2 dark blue items, which renders you look so down. That’s why we should according to the color scheme to balance out the color on your body. The best combination is warm color plus cold color, dark color plus light one, showy one plus simple one.
Again taking our linen blouses for women as example, if you put on a light blue linen tops, navy ladies linen trousers can be plus. Besides, go for a lighter blue linen tops with a white wide-leg linen pants.

linen top

Finally, try not to put all the complicated patterns or design together. For instances, if you have a skirt with lace and embroidery, just avoid wearing a top with multifarious patterns and replaced by a plain simple shirt.