Bermuda Shorts



We have heard about harem pants, wide legs pants, Capri shorts and mini shorts except the Bermuda shorts. So what are Bermuda shorts? Bermuda shorts, also known as walking shorts and dress shorts, are semi-casual attire short trousers. The Bermuda shorts whose hemline will fall one inch above the knee can be worn by men and women. It firstly comes out in Bermuda where it is hot and sweaty. In order to keep people cool and fresh in the hot subtropical and tropical climates, the local people invent these shorts and they swept the whole island. Nowadays, they have already swept the fashion world. They impress us with its casual and vacation style.


Originally the Bermuda shorts were designed for men. They were made of suit-like material and worn with knee-length socks, a dress linen shirts for women, tie, and blazer. With the years past, the Bermuda shorts have been improved and many women have a try and slip it on. It is cool and comfortable. A linen fabric is so absorbent that it will keep you cool and fresh even though in the sweaty weather. When the Bermuda shorts encounter the linen fabric, what will happen?


Hot Sale Casual Linen Summer Women Bermuda Shorts

They are warmly chased by women in the hot weathers. The loose fitting design makes them easy and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the loose pants will keeps you cool and fresh all the summer. Your hips and booty will be skimmed over without pulling and the most buxom part of the thigh will be camouflaging perfectly. The elastic waistband makes it all possible for women. It could be loose or tight. Slip on these shorts, your waist will be defined properly; your tummy, thighs and hips will also be disguised perfectly.

Casual Linen Summer Women Bermuda Shorts



Classy Figure-Flattering Linen Asymmetric Bermuda Shorts

As soon as I see them, I am shocked by its “exaggerated” design. It is amazing and special. The drawstring on the waistline enables you to loose or tight, defining your waist. Three buttons was embellished in the front of the ladies linen trousers, making it more special. What really makes the Bermuda shorts distinguished is its special spliced design. The shorts are wrapped by the mini “skirt” which can camouflage the buxom hips and booty without pulling. It will create a feeling of asymmetry. A tee, shirt and a pair of sneakers or slippers will be a perfect finishing touch.

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