Retro And Chic Sleeve


The romantic lantern sleeve has hit the runways and fashion world in the recent years. Fashion bloggers, street stars and other fashion icons got fascinated with it. Thus, lantern sleeve appears frequently in the street snaps, fashion shows and magazine. It is widely accepted by women all over the world. So what is the lantern sleeve? According to the dictionary, lantern sleeve, which flares from the tops towards the elbow and tapers towards the wrist, is a full, gathered sleeve attached to a drop-shoulder. It could be either a long or short sleeve look. For a long one, the sleeve is full in the middle of the arms while the top and wrist fitting. What really makes women crazy about this design? As far as I am concerned, the most important reason is that it can camouflage women’s flabby arms perfectly.
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Look back on the history, the lantern sleeve can be traced back to the Byzantium Empire in 6th century. And it became popular in the Renaissance. With the arrival of Renaissance, people got free form the cruel religious restriction and place great emphasis on their dressing. Thus, the feminine lantern sleeve was widely used in women’s clothes. By the time of 18 century, lantern sleeve updated and was warmly chased by French aristocrat. And the sleeve became more romantic and classic. Later in1960s, it swept the whole Unite States. Women in new era improved the sleeve and applied it to the womens linen shirts and dress from convenient movement. With the sleeve’s continuously improvement, nowadays, the lantern sleeves are popular among women again. It’s seen on clothes from jackets to dresses.
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A loose fitting dress with lantern sleeve design must be prevalent among fashion women. The long summer is always along with the hot and sweaty days. We cannot change the weather but we can change our dressing to keep us better. You may as well choose a loose fitting dress in such hot days. The loose fitting design enables all women to have a try on it even though they have buxom figures. Moreover, the loose-fitting dress will skim over your figure without pulling, making you cool and comfortable in the hot days. Icing on the cake, the linen fabric will keeps you fresh and cool from the heat. The lantern half sleeve adds women’s beauty of femininity and sweetness. The sleeve, which flares from the top and fitted at the elbow, is great for camouflaging the flabby upper arms. Not only will it do best on narrow shoulder, but also it can make our upper body slenderer. Full busts are emphasized by this romantic sleeve.
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