A Linen Cloth Always Keeps You Cool And Fresh


There’s nothing better than wearing the linen clothes in the leaking days. A linen cloth always keeps you cool and fresh all around the year, especially the summer days. The linen clothes are preferred and selected by more and more women for its excellent capacity of absorbency. You will never want to miss the linen clothes as soon as you slip them on. We have been talked about the linen tops for many times. They are perfect matches with the pants, skirts or the shorts. Now we continue to introduce the lovely and sweet linen tops for you to refresh your summer wardrobe.

linen tops for ladies


Blouse: Loose-Fitting 3/4 Lantern Sleeve Stand Collar Blouses

This blouse is the new arrival for this summer. Made of linen fabric, the blouse definitely keeps you cool and fresh all day long. Besides, the linen fabric enables women’s skin to breathe freely. The loose fitting design allows air to go through and make you comfortable in the melting days. It fits for all women figures, camouflaging the figure weakness. The 3/4 lantern sleeve design allows the flabby arms to go through. The 3/4 length design enables women to show off their wrist, hiding the flabby upper arms. Moreover, the 3/4 length design which improves the arm proportion can elongate the arm line.

Aiming to slip on or take off more convenient, an arrow of buttons is embellished in front of the blouse. Last but not least, the Pink Yarrow color, which is considered as one of the Pantone’s top 10 colors for Spring 2017, is full of energy. It is a combination of purple and pink, emphasizing women’s beauty of elegance, sweetness and romance. .When slip on the blouse, it is suggested that keep the top two buttons unbuttoned to create a casual and fabulous look.
linen blouse


Tee: Loose-Fitting 3/4 Sleeve Linen Square Neckline T-shirt

A linen tops will never be out of date. With one of the most popular elements in the fashion world, the linen blouses for women with flared sleeve must also be warmly chased by women. The flared sleeve, which comes down to the middle part of the lower arms, will make you arms get free from the other tight sleeve. Not only will the flared sleeve design camouflage the arms, but also it will add women’s beauty of sweetness and loveliness.

Furthermore, embellished with wrinkles on the sleeve, the sleeve is lively and dynamic. Although it is loose-fit design, the square collar will highlight your boney beauty. Your delicate collarbone, your silken and animate skin and your swan neck will be displayed perfectly with the square collar design. Icing on the cake, the airy blue color, is refreshing and cool in the summer.