White, Black, And Grey Linen Top


The white, black and grey colors are considered as the three treasures in the fashion world. These three colors will never be out date. They are also regarded as the ironic colors of Normcore. Although they are plain, low-key and inconspicuous, people often have no resistance to their temptation for their profoundness. They can make the simple design come with high texture. Create the Normcore summer with the white, black and grey colors. The white, grey and black color is perfect match to each other. The simple white and black color design is always chic and versatile. The plain and simple color can create a casual, natural and unique style.

The white color, which is one of the most basic colors in the fashion world, is plain and pure. It can do a good job with different kinds of color and it is a necessary color in women’s wardrobes. The white linen tops, blouse, linen shirt, linen trousers, shorts… are warmly chased by women. Comparatively speaking, the white linen color is suitable in summer. It can refresh us in the hot days. Thus, the white linen tops is the most flattering clothes in the fashion world. The white linen top absolutely gives the wearer a fresh and cool summer. The light fabric and color can lower the wearer’s body surface temperature effectively.

The black color is also one of the most flattering colors in the fashion world. According to a research made in the Britain, over 90% women think highly of the black color. They believe that the black color can help them improve the figure weakness. Yes, it did. They black color can camouflage some figure imperfections. The black color will add women’s beauty of mystery, elegance and femininity. However, some one thinks that the black color will make them hotter and more stiffing in the sweat days. Thus, they may either suffer from the heat or give up the black linen tops. Now the black linen clothes can help to solve out this problem. The linen fabric will keep the wearers cool and fresh all day long.

The grey color, which is a combination of white and black, is often associated with elegance, honest, calmness and depression. It is often impressed us with its negative aspect. The grey clothing is often worn in the winter. Distinguished from the black and white color, the grey color tends to show the negative attitudes. In order to make the grey linen tops more energetic, the grey matches with blue and purple color are vibrant and vivid.